View (some of) My Tracks

Below is the link to my GPS tracker web site. I couldn’t turn off the “private” setting, so you will need to know that –

The username is lifestylea

And password is running1

It is a little clunky, but hey it was free, so I won’t complain.

To view the log for a particular day you have to change the settings in the menu on the right of the page-

set “Trip” to “Any”

Set “From” and “To” to the date and time that you want to see – I didn’t start before 8:45 any day, and all were finished by 18:00

Then click the “show” button on top of the site.

And if you want to see the distances in kilometres, you will need to use “show config” to change the settings.

The tracker sent update every 2 minutes in most cases. I had technology issues on some days, so there will be a few gaps. It draws a straight line between tracked points, so it is no use as a measure of distance travelled, and it does not exactly match the path I took.

It is generally good enough to get an idea of where I went though, and you can play around zooming and scanning the map.

I hope you have fun with it.

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