A random update

Last month I posted that I had decided to toughen up and get fit, so I drew up a very gentle 3 month training plan, and off I went.

2 weeks into it, things were gong well and I was about to step up to a 5km run. Wow, 5km. Without stopping. And I got a monstrous cold.

This put me out of action for two weeks. The first week I couldn’t have run, and the second week I was being uncharacteristically sensible and giving my body the chance to fully recover.

But 2 weeks of inactivity after after only 2 weeks of gentle running put me back to square one.

I have been back running for 2 weeks, and gently built up to a 4km run last weekend. It is going well, with no heart related concerns, just my general lack of fitness. Hopefully my sensible gentle slow approach will allow me to build up to some proper running again.

What it has confirmed for me is that I just love to run. The very simple act of putting on foot in front of the other feels incredibly good to me.

I did not realise how much I missed it until I started running again.

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