9 Month Check Up

No, I am not pregnant

On Sunday it was 9 months since my heart attack.

As I mentioned in my previous post, last month’s stress-test ECG showed that there is nothing wrong with my heart.

And last week at my 9 month check up I was told that all of my blood test results were fine –  my cholesterol level is so low that the dosage in my anti-cholesterol drugs has been reduced .

Which is all great news, but doesn’t explain why I still feel crap.

My doctor was moderately surprised when I told him that the most energetic thing I have done since Christmas was to mow the lawns each week. He really was expecting me to be running again by now.

We had a long and thorough session, and in the end he convinced me that perhaps I just need to HTFU (this is a common endurance athlete term – I think in the UK it is expressed as TTFU – he didn’t quite use those words).

In essence we decided that I might be feeling unfit simply because I am unfit. And if I bite the bullet and get myself fit, I could then feel better. Hard to argue with that logic.

So I have put together a training plan. It is a lot different from my last training plan, where I was building up to my 5x50km, and was actually quite a challenge to get balanced.

I started on Monday with a very quiet jog of a shade under 3km.

Of course after 3 months of not running, my legs were rather stiff and sore, and 3km felt like a Very Long Way. I have run marathons that felt easier.

But on the positive side I only had one short moment of chest pain, and there have been no on-going chest pains (unlike my ECG test, which made my chest hurt for about 10 days). And I haven’t been totally wiped-out exhausted either.

It’s looking good after day 1. Check back here in another 3 months and I will let you know how I got on.

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