I went for a run this weekend . . . .

I managed a very tentative 3km on the treadmill.

Which doesn’t seem much, considering that this is a blog about running ultra-marathons.

A quick recap for those of you who came in late – in May 2012 I turned 50 and marked the occasion by running 50km per day for 5 consecutive days.

In July this year, aged 51, I had a heart attack.

This weekend was my first run since the heart attack, which was exactly 3 months ago. And I hadn’t run for 3 weeks before the heart attack, so it has been nearly 4 months since I was able to run (that was only 3km, my last significant run was 6km late in March. No wonder I have been so grumpy!)

I dislike running on the treadmill, but I was too nervous to go and run in the real world.

Everything hurt –and I loved it.

It reaffirmed that I run simply because I love to run.

Most of the aches were simply from having my first run after doing very little for several months. All the usual suspects were felt, with my knees hurting the most.

My chest got a little tight/uncomfortable, although it was nothing worse than I have put up with over the last 3 months, and nothing that felt like a pending heart attack. I think (hope) it was just from being unfit.

It has probably been 10 years since I was this unfit, and it is quite unfamiliar.

Apart from the fantastic fact that I ran for 22 minutes and my heart didn’t explode, I am delighted that I can just go and jog 3k after months of inactivity.

I am also delighted that it was the first time that I felt I had the energy to try and run. I don’t really care whether this was because I stopped taking  the beta-blockers, or just because I am almost recovered.

 I just enjoyed having the energy  to run.


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